Sunday, February 15, 2009


During I waited for SPM result, I worked at Pizza Hut restaurant in Kota Bharu for 4 months and 10 days as a kitchen helper at 1st..
I started working there one day before celebration of Eid Adha. Of course it was quite sad. But compare to my senior’s experience, he has to work on 1st day celebration of Eid Fitri for 3 times.huhuhuhu…Back to my story, my first day at restaurant was horrible environment for me. The condition of restaurant like a war field. The staffs mad to each other while guests moan about their product.
Everyday I work for 5-8 hours per day. Sometimes it can be 12 if public holiday such as Eid Adha, Eid Fitri, Chinese New Year and other. At first month, my task is washing plates and tools. At washing area, we have two guys from Bangladesh, Mohin and Sirajul. Both of them are my best friend along I worked there. Before we became a friend, they bullied me to do everything as I new comer. One day, I arrived at restaurant around 3.50 p.m because my shift start at 4, I tiptoed to washing area to ‘count’ the plate. I will do this every time before I punched card. Can you imagine the plates arranged meet the floor? I ask bangle about that. They told me that plates kept for me from opening time. They laughed to each other. In my mind, I said this is my last day here. After finished wash the plates, my manager came to me and asked me whether I will come tomorrow or not. I answered, Insyaallah. Then she said, ‘okay, tomorrow you will be a real Pizza Hut member’. It meant, no more plates to be washed.he333
Then, I trained to make dough. I learnt how to mix the ingredients, what can influence the dough and how to keep dough. After that, my position changed as aux person. My tasks as a aux person is to make side dishes in Pizza Hut menu such as spaghetti, breadstick, garlic bread and some dessert, strawberry napoleon and birthday pizza. Around one month at this position, my position has changed again. Then I work at major section, make table. Here, I trained to make pizza as soon as possible according to guest’s orders. Besides making pizza, I make also make baked rice. Along I worked there, I attended two courses to fulfill Pizza Hut requirement. During those courses, the staffs will be told how to achieve the good work and also the reward. Pizza Hut will measure the standard of their workers based on 5 things, cleanliness, hospitality, accuracy, maintenance and speed.
The best thing that has ever happened during I worked at Pizza Hut was I have chosen by my manager, Miss Hazrini as a staff of the month for February. On the award’s card, she mentioned that I should continue my speedy work. Thanks miss.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


No one is perfect. Am I right?
For me, there is a lot of thing that I should change about my self. First of all, I would like to change my behavior, shame to ask……. I face this thing since I was in primary school. Rarely do I raise my hand to answer a question or ask the question. Sometimes, I feel that I am not part of my class. Until today, there is no improvement maybe just a little bit has changed.

A second change that I want is no more time wastes in my self. I always postpone my work. For example, if I have to submit my assignment on Sunday, I will finish the assignment just one day before. Of course the result is pretty bad. One more thing, I am not punctual to the time. When someone asks me to meet him at 2 o’clock, I will meet him at extra for half an hour. Hehehehehe….

Third is, I want to change my self totally. I mean, to lessen from make a meaningless thing and try to maximize the meaningful things in my life. Of course as a human we can not prevent from make a mistake, but at least we avoid doing so..