Sunday, February 8, 2009


No one is perfect. Am I right?
For me, there is a lot of thing that I should change about my self. First of all, I would like to change my behavior, shame to ask……. I face this thing since I was in primary school. Rarely do I raise my hand to answer a question or ask the question. Sometimes, I feel that I am not part of my class. Until today, there is no improvement maybe just a little bit has changed.

A second change that I want is no more time wastes in my self. I always postpone my work. For example, if I have to submit my assignment on Sunday, I will finish the assignment just one day before. Of course the result is pretty bad. One more thing, I am not punctual to the time. When someone asks me to meet him at 2 o’clock, I will meet him at extra for half an hour. Hehehehehe….

Third is, I want to change my self totally. I mean, to lessen from make a meaningless thing and try to maximize the meaningful things in my life. Of course as a human we can not prevent from make a mistake, but at least we avoid doing so..

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