Tuesday, March 10, 2009


5 years later means I am 24 at that time. Hopefully I can achieve my entire dreams.
First of all, I want finish my diploma program with best CGPA, insyaallah. Of course I have to do so many things to achieve that. For me, Culinary Art program not only thought me about cooking, but also management, nutrition, and marketing affair. So, I must master in variety of skills; cooking, thinking, and calculating.
Then, I will seek a job that fitting with my result. I want to work at exclusive hotel likes Riz Charlton or Four Season. There, I will work under most experienced and knowledgeable chef that can make me more expert and familiar with stressful situation. It is important to be expert one and can stand stress situation in this industry. Everyone compete with each other to be the best. But, the skill and the strength make them differ than others.
As I work, I will use my wages properly to make some saving for my future. Maybe it is as early preparation for payback my PTPTN, create an asset and pay for ‘mas kahwin’. Hehehe.
If I not mistaken, PTPTN must be finished within 10 years. About the asset, maybe it looks too early to talk. But for me, this is about my survival in future. So it is important to begin from now. Hmm, ‘mas kahwin’???. Everyone want to get marriage right? So am i..

Thursday, March 5, 2009


My dream woman?
Our prophet Muhammad S.A.W said in al-hadis, ‘marriage the woman based on 3 factors, beauty, richness, and religious. Give priority to religious.’
Of course I will look at her religious firstly. I meant how she cares about religious obligation. As we know, when someone obeys to the rules of the creator, she or he is devout person. I hope my dream woman is devout one that can address me if I make any error.
According to above al-hadis, the second factor is beauty. Beauty here not means her face or how she looks. But beauty here means the beauty of her behavior and attitude. If a woman behave with good behavior, automatically she will look better than those with bad habit. For me, the beauty is very subjective factor. Maybe someone said the slim woman is the sexy one. But maybe the others said the fat woman is cute. Same with skin brightness, definitely the fair one is good looking for woman, but maybe the other man opine that the dark skin is elegant look. Am I right? So here, I don’t care about how my dream woman looks; the important is how she behaves and how she respects to me and my family. But good appearance is important thing also.
Then, the 3rd factor is richness. Richness here not means she has much money or big asset, but rich with good manners. As a man, I hope my dream woman has good characteristics that can make me comfort with her, knows how to take care about me; support me when I am in trouble, willing to hear my problem, massages me for release stress(hehehe), and guides me for my dress(I am not good in dressing, I guess.ha33). How about her cooking? Hmm, I eat everything. But I love gulai tempoyak and sate.hehehe. The most important, I really hope she is willing to bear any difficulty together with me along our marriage. Lastly, I hope she is the best mother for my sons and daughters at home while I go out to seek some livelihood for us..
When you get a good wife, you will be happy, but when you get the bad one, you will be a philosophies- socrates

Sunday, February 15, 2009


During I waited for SPM result, I worked at Pizza Hut restaurant in Kota Bharu for 4 months and 10 days as a kitchen helper at 1st..
I started working there one day before celebration of Eid Adha. Of course it was quite sad. But compare to my senior’s experience, he has to work on 1st day celebration of Eid Fitri for 3 times.huhuhuhu…Back to my story, my first day at restaurant was horrible environment for me. The condition of restaurant like a war field. The staffs mad to each other while guests moan about their product.
Everyday I work for 5-8 hours per day. Sometimes it can be 12 if public holiday such as Eid Adha, Eid Fitri, Chinese New Year and other. At first month, my task is washing plates and tools. At washing area, we have two guys from Bangladesh, Mohin and Sirajul. Both of them are my best friend along I worked there. Before we became a friend, they bullied me to do everything as I new comer. One day, I arrived at restaurant around 3.50 p.m because my shift start at 4, I tiptoed to washing area to ‘count’ the plate. I will do this every time before I punched card. Can you imagine the plates arranged meet the floor? I ask bangle about that. They told me that plates kept for me from opening time. They laughed to each other. In my mind, I said this is my last day here. After finished wash the plates, my manager came to me and asked me whether I will come tomorrow or not. I answered, Insyaallah. Then she said, ‘okay, tomorrow you will be a real Pizza Hut member’. It meant, no more plates to be washed.he333
Then, I trained to make dough. I learnt how to mix the ingredients, what can influence the dough and how to keep dough. After that, my position changed as aux person. My tasks as a aux person is to make side dishes in Pizza Hut menu such as spaghetti, breadstick, garlic bread and some dessert, strawberry napoleon and birthday pizza. Around one month at this position, my position has changed again. Then I work at major section, make table. Here, I trained to make pizza as soon as possible according to guest’s orders. Besides making pizza, I make also make baked rice. Along I worked there, I attended two courses to fulfill Pizza Hut requirement. During those courses, the staffs will be told how to achieve the good work and also the reward. Pizza Hut will measure the standard of their workers based on 5 things, cleanliness, hospitality, accuracy, maintenance and speed.
The best thing that has ever happened during I worked at Pizza Hut was I have chosen by my manager, Miss Hazrini as a staff of the month for February. On the award’s card, she mentioned that I should continue my speedy work. Thanks miss.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


No one is perfect. Am I right?
For me, there is a lot of thing that I should change about my self. First of all, I would like to change my behavior, shame to ask……. I face this thing since I was in primary school. Rarely do I raise my hand to answer a question or ask the question. Sometimes, I feel that I am not part of my class. Until today, there is no improvement maybe just a little bit has changed.

A second change that I want is no more time wastes in my self. I always postpone my work. For example, if I have to submit my assignment on Sunday, I will finish the assignment just one day before. Of course the result is pretty bad. One more thing, I am not punctual to the time. When someone asks me to meet him at 2 o’clock, I will meet him at extra for half an hour. Hehehehehe….

Third is, I want to change my self totally. I mean, to lessen from make a meaningless thing and try to maximize the meaningful things in my life. Of course as a human we can not prevent from make a mistake, but at least we avoid doing so..

Thursday, January 29, 2009


7 days without do nothing can make me crazy.So a lot of thing i have done during last holiday.As usually i bring my mum to the market every morning.Beside i drove my car,we share our problem together so that improve our relation.So with my father,i accompanied him to mosque near my home.
Then,i also spent time for my social life with my friends.I love play pool and snooker with them.Although i am not expert yet play the game,at least i could gathered with my previous schoolmate.We shared our story to others,told experiences and joked.ha333.Sometimes,we went to beach to eat satar and enjoyed the environment.
2 days before holidays ended,i have invited my friend,Abun to my home as welcome him to Kota Bharu.During holiday Abun stayed at DCA's student house,Khairul.Beside Abun,i also invited Khairul,Kak Long[izzati],Jasmini and Azmeer to my home.Before lunch at my home,we went to Pasar Siti Khadijah to buy some souvenirs from Kelantan.Then we had lunch at my home.After that,we went to KB MALL.Actually we want play bowling,but unluckily there had a tournement.
Yeah,that is how i spent my holiday.....

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being UiTMT Student For One Semester

Yeah,so many things i got during my 1st semester in UiTM DUNGUN.....My first impression when I thinking about culinary art is it only cooking.But I was wrong.These course is quite difficult.I also learn business study subjects,management and retailing.My senior told me that those subject should be taught at 4th semester.But our syllabus has been changed..Besides that,our credit hours is 21,highest among the highest.But I can manage them,alhamdulillah.'where is a will,there is a way'

Now let me talking about my friends here.Without doubt,I enjoy with all my friends.We take care about each other.We share our problem to release some of our burden.Most of my friends here come from famous high schools such as MRSMs,Convent,Victoria Inst,Sultan Sulaiman School and etc.Fuhh,they are so genius mankind..I really respect them.I am lucky to have friends like them.Their knowledges are useful to me.'our friends reflect our life'

About Dungun,its environment is so beautiful.Sometime,I went to the beach to take the fresh air beside eat my favourite food,SATAR.My college also surrounding with beautiful scenery.For me,there is no problem to communicate with the publics here becouse I come from Kelantan.Our dialect is quite same.Maybe for those come from west coast will face some misunderstanding,but not for long time..'when you in rome,be a roman'