Thursday, January 29, 2009


7 days without do nothing can make me crazy.So a lot of thing i have done during last holiday.As usually i bring my mum to the market every morning.Beside i drove my car,we share our problem together so that improve our relation.So with my father,i accompanied him to mosque near my home.
Then,i also spent time for my social life with my friends.I love play pool and snooker with them.Although i am not expert yet play the game,at least i could gathered with my previous schoolmate.We shared our story to others,told experiences and joked.ha333.Sometimes,we went to beach to eat satar and enjoyed the environment.
2 days before holidays ended,i have invited my friend,Abun to my home as welcome him to Kota Bharu.During holiday Abun stayed at DCA's student house,Khairul.Beside Abun,i also invited Khairul,Kak Long[izzati],Jasmini and Azmeer to my home.Before lunch at my home,we went to Pasar Siti Khadijah to buy some souvenirs from Kelantan.Then we had lunch at my home.After that,we went to KB MALL.Actually we want play bowling,but unluckily there had a tournement.
Yeah,that is how i spent my holiday.....

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