Thursday, March 5, 2009


My dream woman?
Our prophet Muhammad S.A.W said in al-hadis, ‘marriage the woman based on 3 factors, beauty, richness, and religious. Give priority to religious.’
Of course I will look at her religious firstly. I meant how she cares about religious obligation. As we know, when someone obeys to the rules of the creator, she or he is devout person. I hope my dream woman is devout one that can address me if I make any error.
According to above al-hadis, the second factor is beauty. Beauty here not means her face or how she looks. But beauty here means the beauty of her behavior and attitude. If a woman behave with good behavior, automatically she will look better than those with bad habit. For me, the beauty is very subjective factor. Maybe someone said the slim woman is the sexy one. But maybe the others said the fat woman is cute. Same with skin brightness, definitely the fair one is good looking for woman, but maybe the other man opine that the dark skin is elegant look. Am I right? So here, I don’t care about how my dream woman looks; the important is how she behaves and how she respects to me and my family. But good appearance is important thing also.
Then, the 3rd factor is richness. Richness here not means she has much money or big asset, but rich with good manners. As a man, I hope my dream woman has good characteristics that can make me comfort with her, knows how to take care about me; support me when I am in trouble, willing to hear my problem, massages me for release stress(hehehe), and guides me for my dress(I am not good in dressing, I guess.ha33). How about her cooking? Hmm, I eat everything. But I love gulai tempoyak and sate.hehehe. The most important, I really hope she is willing to bear any difficulty together with me along our marriage. Lastly, I hope she is the best mother for my sons and daughters at home while I go out to seek some livelihood for us..
When you get a good wife, you will be happy, but when you get the bad one, you will be a philosophies- socrates

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